Shakeology Review

Shakeology Review: Our honest take on Shakeology

Shakeology reviewShelves of nutrition stores are flooded with protein shakes, meal replacements, premixed drink boxes, dry powder mixes, and energy shots. With this dizzying array of options, we're glad you're taking the time to educate yourself about the options.

One such option which is gaining increasing amounts of positive attention is Shakeology. While cost is one factor (Shakeology is approximately $4 per serving, comparable to most fast food breakfasts), most people are most interested in the health benefits of the product as well as attributes such as taste, texture, mixability and aroma.

We would like everyone to try Shakeology, but we know that's simply not the case, even with a guarantee. With that in mind, we've taken it upon ourselves to thoroughly test the product over several months, numerous batches and several lots in real-world conditions. We hope you find this information helpful, regardless of the meal replacement option you choose to explore.

Shakeology Review: My Personal Results

To really find out if Shakeology was worth it, I decided to use it daily and review it over a twelve month period. I had my triglycerides, cholesterol and weight measured and professionally lab tested. Based on family history, I am predisposed to high numbers in all those categories as well as blood pressure (hypertension). My measurements and results are as follows:

Shakeology review lower triglycerides shakeology review cholesterol results

shakeology review weight loss results

In addition, My blood pressure dropped to acceptable levels and I am no longer required to use blood pressure medication to keep it under control!

The results above speak for themselves. Using Shakeology once per day, along with focused exercise and a sensible approach to eating, had obvious positive results on all these key metrics. There's no doubt that my risk of heart disease, stroke, and other illnesses has been reduced through these efforts.

I can help you do the same or BETTER. Just contact me and I'll work with you personally to make it happen. Don't wait another day to find out if you could do the same. Take advantage of the 30 day guarantee and make it happen.

The Shakeology Review: Taste and texture


Buy ShakeologyOne scoop of Shakeology was mixed according to directions with either cold water, skim milk, or almond milk. All samples were mixed with a Blender Bottle (shaker cup) for practical purposes. Most people have busy lives and requiring the use of a blender on a daily basis is simply not practical.


Shakeology was added to a variety of bases (water, skim milk, almond milk) in a shaker cup. Product was vigorously shaken for 7-10 seconds. Although the skim milk and almond milk provided a slightly more smooth product, Shakeology also suspended well in water with very minimal clumping or settling.

Shakeology Taste

Chocolate: Our experience with numerous drinks across various segments includes whey drinks, premix drinks, meal replacements, and diet drinks. Most of these competitors, such as Myoplex, offer a chocolate flavor. The taste of the chocolate flavor is true, largely due to the content of cocoa vs. artificial flavors. A very slight mineral aftertaste may be detected, especially if not served ice cold. The overall taste is best described as a chocolate cake batter.

Greenberry: Although chocolate is a favorite, those who prefer a fresh, natural taste may prefer the greenberry flavor. Those familiar with popular smoothie shop offerings like those at Jamba Juice might recognize some undertones of wheatgrass and a variety of berries. The taste can best be described as a grassy, fresh flavor with a very mild aftertaste of mixed natural berry flavors, not unlike fresh raspberries.

Buy ShakeologyShakeology Texture

Both chocolate and greenberry options had a surprisingly smooth, silky texture which is the most smoothie-like of any supplement we've tried. This may be the one category where Shakeology shines brightest vs. the competition.

Quality control

Although samples were not lab tested for nutrient consistency, particular attention was paid to the texture, packaging, color and smell of each lot received. There were no observed inconsistencies in any of these areas.

Post-Mix Stability

In all cases, Shakeology was consumed within two minutes of being mixed. No unreasonable thickening or settling occured during that time. For test purposes, one sample was left for 30 minutes. The product became quite thick, but taste was not impacted.


Buy ShakeologyThe aroma of both flavors is quite subtle. The chocolate option offers a light scent of cocoa powder, while the greenberry is not unlike a mixture of berries and a light touch of fresh-cut grass.

Shakeology review update: New superfoods formula

The formula for Shakeology was recently updated. While the shake improved even more in nutritional value, there was a subtle change in taste. I would describe the taste as a bit more "nutty" and with a slightly bitter aftertaste. It's important to note that people generally resist ANY change, and not everyone welcomed this updated formula. The best and ONLY way to find out if it's right for you is to contact me to request a sample or place your order and take advantage of the 30 day no-hassle return policy! Then you can do your own shakeology review and make a completely educated decision for yourself.

Again, we sincerely hope that you found this Shakeology review helpful, factual and bias-free. We wish you the best in health!